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Saint John River Chapter Membership Information

There are many benefits to becoming a Muskies Canada Inc. - Saint John River (MCI-SJR) Chapter Member. As a member you join the camaraderie of like-minded anglers at the club's 4 annual fishing outing events as well as 2 annual meetings / tackle-swaps - one in the fall and one in the spring. Many in the club are cited as saying their annual membership dues is the best $60 they have ever spent on fishing.

Membership dues:

  • Annual Membership $60; includes membership card, name tag, and MCI sticker.

  • Annual Membership for member of the Canadian Armed Forces and Student receive discounted rates.

  • Join the MCI-SJRiver Chapter using one of three ways: using the online application tool, by contacting the Membership Director, or join at any of our Events.

Included in your membership is:

  • Access to the member's only section of the forums both on this Chapter website, and also on the national website. Get access to the minds of some of the best muskie anglers in Canada.

  • An MCI Release Journal subscription. 

  • Members can participate in all four of the annual SJR Chapter MCI outings and are eligible for outing prizes and awards. There is also two annual meetings and tackle swaps organized by the club.

  • Members are elligible for Chapter annual awards including IRONMAN Trophy, Swan Trophy, Unsung Hero Award, Biggest Muskie Award, Biggest Muskie at an Outing Award.

  • Members are eligible for Release Pins which are awarded to members with catch and release muskies 36" and above for their first, tenth, Twenty-fifth, Fiftieth, One Hundredth and Two Hundredth catch and release when they submit into the club angler log program. In addition we award pins and certificates every year to those members who catch and release a 50” or larger, or a 54” or larger muskie. The data from the log gets used for research purposes and to help promote catch and release muskie angling in the province and in Canada.

  • Members can participate in the release log program, and select members are chosen to participate in the tagging study. As a member you have access to the information in both the release log and tagging studies which can help you better understand the species which in turn can help you become a better angler.

  • Members qualify for discounts with club sponsors and partners (10% or more)

MCI Membership Form - Join the SJR Chapter